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9 January 2010

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A Silver Christmas Day
3 January 2010

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Whispering grass
4 November 2009

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27 October 2009

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Red Arrows
24 October 2009

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Closed for the winter
19 October 2009

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Dragons Fly!!
5 August 2009

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Thoughts at Sundown
26 July 2009

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Flying high
25 July 2009

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Pile of pots
21 July 2009

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Waiting for God?
24 March 2009

Recent Comments

Craig@Random Ramblings on Halo
Love the composition here Neil, really great light shimmering across the water, nice job!

Curly on Hamworthy Bay
A very dreamy high quality shot Neil.

Marie LC on Hamworthy Bay
Beautiful sunset

Curly on Whispering grass
I don't why, perhaps it's the shape, but it says hurricane to me. I guess it needs a load of horizontal rain ...

Curly on Golden Brown
I like this one Neil, good colours and sharp too.

cassiel on The Red Arrows
Good capture, I like the contrast between the red and the sky, give more movement to the scene

Curly on The Red Arrows
Cool shot, I've always enjoyed the challenge of photographing The Red Arrows, I've got a few on show at my ...

Craig@Random Ramblings on Lulworth Cove, Dorset ,UK
Superb composition mate, I can see why you like this place! Just catching up on your stuff!

Craig@Random Ramblings on Lucky Shot
Dang it, I haven't seen the Vulcan fly since they got iot back up in the air, I'm jealous! Great shot BTW ;O)

Stephane Themeze on Lucky Shot
Cool shot! The master and the pupil!

Craig@Random Ramblings on Thoughts at Sundown
Yes! That look really good mate, well done!

Graham on Loot and Balls
they are some bit peices of eight

Craig@Random Ramblings on Lobster Pot
Nice in your face kinda style, I like it!

richard on Summer Surfing
stunning light,as they say in your part of the world 'Proper job'

richard on Coming into land
great image mate,hats off to you on that one ;0)

Craig@Random Ramblings on Summer Surfing
I love the play of light on the water here. Congrats on the new job too ;-)

richard on Let the dig begin
wow thats were i go every year mate,small world,lovely little place,you should check out Sea Palling,well you ...

graham on Worm's eye view

Craig@Random Ramblings on Worm's eye view
I think it's a great POV, love the light and shade also!

Heather on Worm's eye view
Interesting POV

Sarah on Why the long face
Lovely photo!

Sarah on Fit as a Butchers dog
Great shot, Neil!

Neil on Iron work and glass
Thats was meant to read the ROOF caught my eye sorry

Craig@Random Ramblings on Ignor
This works well pal, I like all the people in this and the angle you have chosen. I always buy the Big Issue because ...

graham on Fit as a Butchers dog
very lucky to capture that! nice!

Neil on Hook up
Oh sorry its so small but I resized it and now the original is on a memory stick which I cant find. But hay small is ...

Craig@Random Ramblings on Old time windpower
Yup I like them too, new or old, I don't see people's problem with them, there are far uglier things in this ...

Sarito on Old time windpower
wonderful shot.. beautiful sky!

EYES WIDE SHUT on Why the long face
A huge welcome to you Neil. A fabulous opening image, and what a face. Perfect in mono

Such a neat composition, Neil. The textural variances of sand, sea, cloth and sky all combine with the shadow play to ...

Such a neat composition, Neil. The textural variances of sand, sea, cloth and sky all combine with the shadow play to ...

Marie on Natures wonder
That sky is very angry...... great photo. Lovely work.

Elaine- on Natures wonder
oooh very dramatic sky, i think i can almost see God's face in the clouds :) very cool shot

Neil on Hertfords hidden art in plain sight
Thanks JJ. Thanks to Mr randomramblings for pointing me to this blog. Now Ive got loads of ols images to trawl thro and ...

JJ on Natures wonder
Such drama in the sky, I ike the silhouettes of the houses in the lower part of shot adds to the ood in my mind

JJ on Hertfords hidden art in plain sight
Greta shot, and thats the wonderful think I have found since getting into photography, you see things that you would ...

JJ on Why the long face
Craig pointed me to your new blog , welcome to AM3 and I agree a great shot to start with wonderful close in shot

Craig@Random Ramblings on Why the long face
Great stuff mate! Welcome to a new place and this was a great image to kick it off along with a super title. I look ...

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